Core programme

The core programme at SCH Stahl Trade, s.r.o. involves the supply of rolled materials for forging and mechanical working.

The company offers its supplies of rolled materials in all commonly-used types of steel.

  • in square billets of 50 x 50 mm to 300 x 300 mm in size
  • in round bars of between 20 mm to 300 mm in diameter

We ensure the following requirements as standard with all supplies provided to our customers for forging and mechanical working: surface defects to a maximum of 0.3 mm, annealing for cold-cutting to a maximum of 255 HB, ultrasonic test and attestation according to EN 10204/3.1 standards. We can also ensure other types of thermal treatment, including refining, stripping or cutting the surface in line with the wishes and requirements of our customers. Where customers have individual needs, we are able to arrange for supplies of special types of steel with the right deviations from the technical finishes that come as standard.

We have also been developing a supplementary programme of supplying die and free forgings since 2005.

  • die forgings of 0.5 kg to 30 kg in weight
  • free forgings of 80 kg to 1500 kg in weight

Customers are offered the agreed supplies delivered right to the yard within the terms set out, including transportation and customs clearance, all of this on time.

We are able to offer customers the following terms of delivery depending on the demanding nature of production and the wishes of the customer:

  • within 3-5 days of signing the contract of purchase - right on time
  • within 30-50 days of ordering the material
  • within 60-90 days of ordering the material

All of our employees make the utmost efforts to ensure cooperation in system-based supplies and even greater cooperation in eliminating non-conformities and dealing with complaints and returns. System-based cooperation not only brings an understanding of what customers need time and again, but a sensitive pricing policy and responsibility towards business partners (terms and conditions of payment and determining the due dates of invoices).