Vision and goals

The competition faced by SCH Stahl Trade, s.r.o. has grown stronger and stronger since 1996 and so the need arose to specify the company's concept of business activity as follows:

  • special types of quality of rolled materials intended for forging shops launching joint ventures with German partners, in particular Zf steel and steel in line with German GSA and SEW norms (steel for the car industry)
  • high-alloyed steel
  • anticorrosive steel

Emphasis is primarily placed on the following in carrying out this conceptual plan:

  • the quality of supplied (tested) material and the term of its delivery, including the required attestation, whilst implementing the approval of technical conditions
  • the acquisition of 3-4 major customers with monthly purchases of a minimum 100 to 200 tons of refined types of rolled steel
  • the acquisition of other potential customers to whom we are able to supply rolled materials to the yard within 10 days
  • carrying out direct supplies from our warehouse

The demands placed by German and Western European partners on the quality of materials for forging at our own forging shops and those in Slovakia helped SCH Stahl Trade, s.r.o. assert itself on both markets thanks to the quality of business activity provided (the quality of materials supplied, meeting deadlines for deliveries when carrying out KS, pricing policy).