Business activity at the company will continue to focus on ensuring maximum satisfaction for our current business partners; in other words, forging shops and engineering companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

However, we do need to further develop this activity to be able to achieve what we want, i.e.:

  • a minimum of 6 regular business partners (forging shops and engineering companies) with monthly system purchases of between 100 and 200 tons of alloyed, high-alloyed and anticorrosive steel;
  • cooperation that focuses on the purchasing of metal waste and scrap from business partners, thus minimising the risk of the non-payment of the costs invoices for materials supplied;
  • flexible cooperation in responding to the needs of other business partners with short delivery times for the materials required;
  • to determine through marketing research the required reserve of recurrent requests for materials for the company’s warehouses and to consequently create the opportunity to carry out immediate supplies from our warehouse;
  • to ensure an increase in technical parameters in accordance with the requirements of customers in relation to the rolled materials supplied (heat processing, stripping, cutting etc.);
  • to assert the position of die forgings and free forgings on the market.

In order to be able to realise these aims we need to stabilise business contacts with existing partners and seek new partners for SCH Stahl Trade, s.r.o. through active marketing activity.