The company builds on the activity of SD-Stahl, s.r.o., Na Výtoni 9, Praha 2, which was founded on 24.2.1994 in the city of Hradec Králové (after entries of re-organisation in the Commercial Register in 1994 and 1996), and is licensed to engage in trading in rolled semi-finished products for forging profiling and mechanical machining.

The company’s main programme from 1994 onwards focused on cooperation with the companies of Poldi Kladno, purchasing their rolled products and exports for the German parent company Scholz Edelstahl Essingen. The company also worked together with SD - Obchodní společnost Brno in the sphere of metal waste and scrap.

Both these forms of cooperation came to an end in the first quarter of 1996, when the companies of Poldi Kladno, a.s. closed their doors due to a slump in metallurgical production.

This fact forced an immediate change in the core programme (i.e. cooperation with the companies of Poldi Kladno and the export of materials). The need arose to use flexible marketing to find new customers for cooperation in the sphere of types of rolled materials for forging and mechanical processing that were lacking in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and to carry out the needs of these customers by importing through the warehouse of parent company Scholz Edelstahl, Essingen. This area of business was supplemented with commercial activity in the sphere of structural rolled profiles, reinforcing steel and scrap.